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Entry #3


2007-09-20 14:20:37 by IcarusSong

Hey guys,
Just wanted to say that NO ONE has reviewed 3 of the songs on the site that I really do hold dear--the Rum Main Theme, Dies Irae, and A Brother's Death. They're all from a play I spent a long time scoring, and I consider them among some of the best that I've written.
So, if you have 5 extra minutes, take a listen and tell me what you think!
Thanks much.


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2007-09-20 17:09:11

I'll write some nice in-depth reviews after I finish my homework. Until then, you'll just have to wait. :)


2009-12-07 02:49:38

You haven't submitted anything for a long time?!? WHY NOT!! YOUR MUSIC IS HELL GOOD. Please come back and submit something. PM me and I'll give you some help getting your songs heard, cos it's quite hard to get noticed on Newgrounds.


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